Who we are

What is Altitude?

Altitudine is an Italian clothing brand born in 2018

What is the Altitude Goal?

Altitudine aims to become a style status, suitable for all occasions and above all aimed at demonstrating that fashion and bon ton can be combined at affordable prices for everyone.

How was the idea born?

The idea of the brand was born from the Campania entrepreneur G. De Luca, known in the import and export sector. The name "Altitudine" was born after a business trip to the Middle East. The entrepreneur impressed by the mountainous reliefs and the passion for the brands of the Bel Paese outside the borders of Italy decides to create his brand that represents the relationship between nature and man, among the very high mountain ranges visited and the highest spiritual conception that the Middle Eastern peoples express. A perfect cocktail therefore, combined with the passion for fashion, taste and the desire to offer people a brand that can be accessible to all, give life to an Italian start-up that in 2021 is launching its experience in the world of e -commerce.